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About Us – Rough Rocks Gems and Minerals for Lapidary @ RadiantRocksCT

Lapidary rough, slabs, cabochons, geodes, agates, jaspers, crystals, jewelry and display pieces from around the world are available at the RadiantRocksCT online store(s).


Cutting Geodes renewed my childhood excitement over rocks.  In my early 50s I went to a local rock shop and cut some Las Choyas Coconut geodes.  I was hooked instantly.   The thrill of opening (lots of) them led to my first flat lap to polish them.  Then the saw, then the Genie etc.  And so it began.   I quickly accumulated more rocks than anyone would use in two lifetimes.  

 I’ve been selling on eBay for a decade and have just gotten to the point where (with the help of my wife) I have the time to actually open and maintain a website too.  The hope is to be able to save on sales costs and build on the relationships developed with customers over the years by passing on additional savings. 

My goal in selling is to share the material I have cut and my experience with it.  My belief is that we all should encourage others to join in the joy of the lapidary world and maintain long term relationships with other people who have the same passion.           

If you have any questions about material please contact me at: