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Flat Rate Box of Las Choyas Solid Coconut Geodes

  • $ 36.99

This is a flat rate box full of SOLID Mexican Las Choyas geodes. Each box sold will have > 20 lbs. International flat rate boxes limited to a maximum weight of 20 pounds (or the price doubles or triples for shipping) of Las Choyas SOLID Geodes. THE BOX WILL BE FULL please note that I top the box off with as many little geodes as will fit. These geodes will range in size from 1/2” to 3.5” in diameter. Occasionally something a little bigger will get in. The quartz/chalcedony found in these geodes is very hard material that polishes like GLASS and makes very lovely cabochons. A large number of the first 200 we cut were predominately light blue solids with some banding. Even though they were purchased as SOLIDS we have now found 6 with lovely heavy quartz pockets (only one of them was Amethyst). We put a chunk of the light blue material in the box for illustration purposes (top right).


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